Salesforce CPQ (Steel brick - standard Salesforce)

About the Employer
$800 - $1,200

Training Description

  1. Understand the Fundamentals of Salesforce CPQ: Trainees should gain a comprehensive understanding of the Salesforce CPQ platform, including its purpose, capabilities, and how it integrates with the Salesforce ecosystem.

    Master Product and Price Configuration: Participants should learn how to set up and manage products, pricing models, and discount structures within Salesforce CPQ, enabling them to effectively configure products and pricing according to business needs.

    Efficient Quote and Contract Management: Trainees should develop the skills to create, manage, and modify quotes and contracts within Salesforce CPQ, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the sales process.

    Customize Quote Templates: Participants should be able to design and customize quote templates to align with company branding and client requirements, enhancing the professionalism and clarity of sales quotes.

    Navigate and Implement Approval Workflows: Trainees should understand how to set up and navigate approval workflows in Salesforce CPQ, ensuring that quotes and contracts are reviewed and approved according to organizational policies.

    Apply Best Practices for CPQ Implementation: Participants should learn best practices for implementing and managing Salesforce CPQ, including strategies for successful user adoption and common pitfalls to avoid.

    Hands-On Application: Through practical exercises and scenarios, trainees should be able to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts, reinforcing learning and building confidence in using the platform.

Skills (Topics)

  • Understand the Fundamentals of Salesforce CPQ
  • Master Product and Price Configuration
  • Efficient Quote and Contract Management
  • Navigate and Implement Approval Workflows