Corporate Trainer PHP

About the Employer
  • Alex
  • United States
  • Verified
$32,000 - $35,000

Training Description

We are looking for a seasoned PHP Corporate Trainer with 6 years of experience into training Domain PHP In depth.

Other skills : JavaScript Html Angular

Tenure 8 Hrs Day 1520 Days

Syllabus requirement  : Introduction of Web PHP Exploring Data Type Control Structures Logical Expressions Loops UserDefined Functions Debugging Building Web Pages with PHP Working with Forms and Form Data Cookies and Sessions MySQL Basics Using PHP to Access MySQL Building a Content Management System CMS Using Site Navigation to Choose Content Application CRUD Building the Public Area Regulating Page Access Advanced PHP Techniques Introduction to ObjectOriented Programming OOP OOP in Practice Working with Files and Directories Sending Emails.

Skills (Topics)

  • Content Management System
  • PHP
  • Email Management