Corporate Trainer for SAP UI5 and Fiori

About the Employer
  • Twiss
  • United States
  • Verified
$3,800 - $4,000

Training Description

Urgent requirement of Corporate Trainer for “SAP UI5 & Fiori“.

Train following skills with hands-on exercises:

  • SAPUI5 which is the technology to implement apps using SAP's design system (SAP Fiori);

  • Get the prereqs to start developing SAPUI5 apps now;

  • Understand hands-on how the MVC design pattern works and how SAPUI5 implements it;

  • Add support to multiple languages to your application (i18n - internationalization), using native framework resources;

  • How to add resources to data tables like filtering, sorting, grouping, and formatting;

  • Visualize and use more than 600 icons from the SAP Icon Explorer.

Skills (Topics)

  • SAP
  • Fiori
  • UI Skills
  • Internationalization